ParentsOnInstagram-400Pre-Ariana Grande and Big Sean break up, there was a story about Grande’s father calling out the California-bred rapper on Instagram. Big Sean posted a photo of him and the songstress with the caption “I give her that D… #Detroit,” and her father allegedly left a comment that said “That D. better be Detroit Sean.” After the Instagram exchange, it was reported that her dad, Edward Butera, didn’t really leave the comment and that it was from a fake Instagram account; however it made me think about parents being on social media.

I have friends who have moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, and possibly even great-grandparents that are on social media. I’ve even witnessed parents jump into social media drama; leaving subliminal posts about their children’s exes and what not. My mom wants no parts of the social media realm and my dad doesn’t really want any either; however he does get low key excited when I tell him that a photo that I posted of him got 50 likes. A part of me is happy that he isn’t on Instagram or Facebook because although I keep my pages clean with selfies, quotes, blog updates and pictures from events that I go to, he wouldn’t be happy about some of the comments that guys leave on my photos. I can picture him texting me know asking about who they are and leaving fist emojis under my pics.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with parents being on social media, especially if they are in fields where it’s necessary for them to have accounts. As long as there are some boundaries that are set, i.e. avoid tagging embarrassing baby pics or photos of me from my awkward pre-teen years or leaving “You shouldn’t be drinking” comments on my happy hour posts.

Are your parents on social media? Do you wish they were? What are your thoughts about parents jumping into your personal matters online? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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