Reflection-BWB-400Let’s be honest, some of us may have drifted away from the goals that we set out for ourselves at the beginning of the year. Now is the perfect time to get back on track and realigned with those goals. Below are some tips to turn the second half of your year around!

Revisit the goals that you set at the beginning of the year.

We’re more than halfway into the year and although many of us have followed through with the goals that we set when the ball dropped in January, there are a lot of us who strayed away from what we wanted to accomplish. If your first half of the year was lagging, pick it up. Take some time to revisit the goals that you wanted to bring to fruition. If many of them didn’t happen for you, assess what worked for you and what didn’t and create a new plan for bringing them to reality. Don’t dwell on your failures and shortcomings, learn from them and use them as a way to make your second half of the year strong.

Set new goals for the remainder of the year.

It’s important to never become stagnant or complacent with where you are in your career. No matter how far you’ve come, it’s essential to keep setting the bar higher; just ask Queen Bey. Set some time aside to sit with your thoughts and really think about what you would like to accomplish within the next few months. Whether it’s a new project or plans to evolve something that you’ve already got in the works, create a blueprint for how you’ll plan on getting reaching your goal. Make sure that you allot time in your schedule between all of the “summer turn-ups” to ensure that you’re meeting the standards that you set for yourself.

Do a volunteer project.

Giving back is paying it forward. Lending a helping hand and volunteering is not only beneficial for others but it’s also a way to make you feel whole. Whether it is volunteering at a local community garden, serving food at a soup kitchen, or becoming someone’s mentor it will definitely enhance the next half of the year. Roll up your sleeves and give back. Go online and find local projects to participate in.

Plan a trip to visit a family member or close friend.

When we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work and making moves, sometimes we end up neglecting those who mean the most to us; especially if they live far away. Over the next few months plan a trip to visit someone close to you. Set aside time for people who support you. Not only does it strengthen your relationships, but in a world where you have people who are trying to tear you down, it reinforces that you have loved ones who care about you and want to see you win.

Get outdoors.

Embrace the outdoors for the next few months. We’re no longer dealing with weather where we are confined to do work indoors. Grab a bottle of wine and a book and head to the park when you have free time. Have a blogging session in the outdoor seating area of your favorite café. Get off the treadmill and go for a run outdoors. Going outdoors allows you to lead a healthier lifestyle, and there’s research to prove it.


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