BrandeeMixer-200Brandee Sanders is a Harlem-bred writer and editor. Ever since the age of eight, she knew that she was destined to pursue a career in journalism; often transforming her composition notebooks for school into mock magazines. Combining her love for writing and basketball, a sport that she picked up at the age of six, she began her journalism career in New York as an intern for Dime Magazine. At Dime Magazine, she wrote sports commentary pieces and interviewed several Division 1 prospects throughout the city.

Stepping outside of the realm of sports to broaden the scope of her writing career, Brandee interned at The Root; a website under The Washington Post Company’s umbrella which features news, opinion and culture pieces geared towards African-American influencers. She graduated from SUNY Purchase with a degree in journalism and has worked for The Root as an editorial assistant and contributor.

Brandee’s writing has been well-received in the media. Her work has been featured on, The Root and countless other media outlets. In 2012, Brandee founded Meet Me Uptown, a Harlem-based blog that provides coverage of community issues, politics, arts & entertainment and social trends that are relative to the neighborhood. The blog is also utilized as an avenue to shine light on local businesses, movers & shakers who are from or currently living in the neighborhood and hidden gems that exist throughout the community. Since its inception, Meet Me Uptown has grown to become a leading source to keep people informed about what’s happening in Harlem.

Brandee currently serves Catalyst, a non-profit organization geared towards expanding opportunities for women in business. She has been featured as a guest blogger on their Catalyzing blog, a go-to source to find different perspectives on women in business.

In 2014 Brandee created Brunch With Brandee, an online journal that serves as a one-stop shop for her daily musings, experiences, and pieces that she’s penned for other media outlets, all to be discussed over virtual brunches.

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